The weekly educational and entertaining illustrated comic strip feature that can add a new dynamic of interest to your publication and earn additional revenue as well.


Only $10/ea. Packet of 13 strips (13 weeks)


Publish it with a "Coming Attractions" notice. Publish it with a paid for sponsor's ad or logo.

History Highlights

  • This item is a digital download, once purchased, you will receive an e-mail from me for your purchase. The email includes a link to so you will be able to download the 13 strips.


    When I receive your order, I will be notified and I will send out a link for you to download the file. The file will be sent to the email address you have provided in the order.

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Phone: 754-244-2272

 Easy to play! Cross off the letters in your Speller's Stockpile as

you use them to spell words on the grid. Different letters are worth a certain amount of points. Add up your points for the total score. 

Play one-on-one or as a team in Spellwiz Tournaments. Highest score wins! 

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