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Certificate of Achievement

Note: Students may elect to participate in the GusGrahics Certificate of Achievement Program at no additional charge.

Students must email copies of eachcompleted module assignment to: for review and grading.

The certificate, suitable for framing and inclusion in an artist's resume or portfolio, will be emailed upon

satisfactory completion of the module


Your Basic Drawing Course will

consist of the following:

1. Welcome Letter with introduction

    and course overview.

2. Five separate emails, each with

    a digital learning module published

    as a flipbook with turnable pages.

    Each module has a "download &

    print" feature so the material can

    be saved as hard copy in a binder

    (recommended) or folder.

3. Invitation to become a member

    in the GusGraphics online

    community of contributing


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 Easy to play! Cross off the letters in your Speller's Stockpile as

you use them to spell words on the grid. Different letters are worth a certain amount of points. Add up your points for the total score. 

Play one-on-one or as a team in Spellwiz Tournaments. Highest score wins! 

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