Hello and thanks for your interest in my commercial art and inspirational graphics service. I hope you will enjoy reviewing the following examples of my work as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Gus St. Anthony Bifani


The Graphics Guy

Bee 2 Bee!
Cartoons & caricatures

    More than fifty years have slipped along since I first started to ply my trade as an illustrator of humorous subjects, juvenile publications and spiritually inspirational graphics. A lot of trials, a lot of smiles and a lot of ink.

    What have I learned over all that time? Two things. First ... how to design, draft and develop graphic products with a high degree of creative professionalism. And, second ... how to treat my clients with courtesy, respect, timely performance and quality workmanship.

    Click the button below to check out recent samples of my work.

    Cartoons tell it and sell it better. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Poster maps

    Cartoon illustrated poster maps have been promotional favorites for many years. It has been my pleasure to produce them for cities, malls and parks all over the US as well as other parts of the world.

Children's Publications

    Over the years, I don't know how

many hundreds of illustrations I have drawn for children's books, brochures,

comics, spot cartoons and advertising

applications. Way too many to count.

    Always enjoyable projects. Always fun to do. I think the most important

thing for the illustrator is to first,

establish clear cut communications with the client. That's what preliminary sketches and pencil roughs are for. Once we're on the same page (no pun intended)  with

detailed dialog in place, a great job becomes a guaranteed conclusion.

    Click the "PUBLICATIONS" button below to check out a few samples of my rendering style. I work almost exclusively with Corel Draw and Corel Paint platforms on vector jobs.

10763 Lisbon Street

Hollywood, FL 33026

E-mail: gusgraphics@msn.com

Phone: 754-244-2272

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