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Spellwiz Hospitality!

Spellwiz Hospitality!

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The perfect Hospitality Gift for your guests!

A little something extra to do,

A thoughtful touch provided by YOU!

Click the book for an overview!

Easy to play! Each player crosses off letters in their Speller's Stockpile when they use them to spell words on the game grid. Full instructions included with every game booklet. Folks who like Scrabble LOVE Spellwiz!

Of course, the back cover on your booklets will be a full page, full color FREE custom message promoting you and your facility!

NOW! Custom covers are available on Spellwiz Booklets!

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Davie, Florida

GusGraphics  10763 Lisbon Street, Hollywood, FL 33026    Phone: 754 244 2272   Email:

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