Cartoon Illustrated Maps!  Styled & Rendered to meet the client's needs.


Advertiser Mapss

The perfect addition to every

newspaper, magazine or Sunday

supplement! A full page or double truck spread!


I will design a cartoon poster

map of your designated circulation area, blank, for your

sales team to sell the ads ...

cartoon illustrations or full

color logos ... positioned in the

approximate locations as their

actual places on a real map.


Advertisers should sign up for a

year. Each month, if it's a magazine or each week, if it's a

newspaper, they can have a new

sales message in their word


I will make the artwork and the adjustments for each publication including type setting the blurbs, illustrating new additions to the

map and juggling the elements to

keep the over all composition nice and well balanced.

GusGraphics will be your cartoon illustrated map poster page contractor. Design, art, editing and maintenance.

Contact for more information and pricing guide.


10763 Lisbon Street

Hollywood, FL 33026


Phone: 754-244-2272

 Easy to play! Cross off the letters in your Speller's Stockpile as

you use them to spell words on the grid. Different letters are worth a certain amount of points. Add up your points for the total score. 

Play one-on-one or as a team in Spellwiz Tournaments. Highest score wins! 

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