The MONEY Making, Advertiser Friendly, Eight Page Quarter Fold Insert for Smart and Innovative Newspapers.

Everybody LOVES Spellwiz!

Folks who like Scrabble love Spellwiz!

Now give your newspaper an added dimension of fun and reader interest by inserting SPELLWIZ in every issue. Spellwiz is your advertiser friendly competitive edge. Purchase the entire camera-ready Volume 1 ... all 13 spelling game booklets ... for only $30 per week!  You receive the complete package for a one-time payment of $390.00 PLUS the option to continue publishing Spellwiz Crossword Games as an on-going feature, 13 booklets per volume. Inside front cover and back cover reserved for ad revenue.

Volume 1    Number 1

Volume 1    Number 2

Volume 1    Number 3

Volume 1    Number 4

Volume 1    Number 5

Volume 1   Number 9

Volume 1    Number 13

Volume 1    Number 6

Volume 1    Number 7

Volume 1    Number 8

Volume 1    Number 10

Volume 1    Number 11

Volume 1   Number 12

4. Add up the total value for each word and place the number in the player's score board.

5. The highest total wins!

6. Spellwiz is a game of strategy as well as spelling and vocabulary skills. Each player can always see how many of every letter is remaining in the opponent's Speller's Stockpile and can utilize this information to plan a winning strategy.

It's easy to play Spellwiz!

1. A unique Start Off Word 

is printed in the center of each grid in the booklet.

2. Players build words on the grid by using letters in their Speller's Stockpile.

3. The letters are crossed off in the Stockpile as they are applied to building words. All letters have a numerical score value.

Pre-printed 8.5" X 5.5" 8 Page Booklets

A GREAT hospitality touch! For hotels, motels, campgrounds and resorts! A GREAT Bar Mitzva give-away!

Your guests will appreciate this fun little booklet as a "welcome token" in their room. Everyone who likes Scrabble LOVES Spellwiz!

Can be played during quiet times while on vacation or taken home as a thoughtful souvenir of their stay.

Your Full Page promotional message custom printed on the back cover.

Custom Advertising

Your promotional message for the back cover is free of

charge if you provide camera-ready artwork. 

We can create your promotional message in black and white or full color for you. Free consultation and quote.

Price List

1000 Game Books    $1.30 ea.    $1300.00

  500 Game Books      1.50 ea.        750.00

  250 Game Books      1.90 ea.        475.00

  100 Game Books      2.12 ea.        212.00