Spellwiz is a game that requires the use of strategy as well as spelling and vocabulary skills. Yet, players of all ages from kids to seniors will enjoy the fun of this unique and portable pastime. Play it at home. Play it on the beach or at a picnic. Play it while convalescing or quarantined. Play it over the phone and stay connected with friends and family world wide! Spellwiz is great fun. It's also mentally stimulating and intellectually challenging. Playing Spellwiz makes you smarter!

Who can start a SPELLWIZ Club?

High Schools and Colleges! And YOU will be the President!

Libraries! With a written release to photocopy pages for free.

Homeschool organizations and homeschool communities.

Book Stores! Develop and engage with your store traffic!

Retirement communities, senior citizen and cultural centers.

Youth reading & writing learning centers.

Activities Directors at resorts, hotels and cruise lines.

Wholesale rates and quantity discounts available.

Folks who like Scrabble LOVE Spellwiz!

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Phone: 754-244-2272

 Easy to play! Cross off the letters in your Speller's Stockpile as

you use them to spell words on the grid. Different letters are worth a certain amount of points. Add up your points for the total score. 

Play one-on-one or as a team in Spellwiz Tournaments. Highest score wins! 

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