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The E-Book Game to Download, Print & Play!
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A FUN Classs Room Activity!

Play Spellwiz one-on-one or as a class room contest

Spellwiz is a game that requires the use of strategy, spelling, vocabulary and familiarity with the dictionary. It is an excellent additional educational resource that introduces a dimension of fun to the student's learning experience. Perfect for all grade levels from early reading to high school, the game is available as a hard copy paperback or as an economical e-book to download, print and play.

1.) For one-on-one spelling fun, pair off students in the class and pass out a printed sheet to each team of two. The players can compete with each other for the highest score.

2.) As a classroom contest activity, the two-person teams cooperate and work together to get the highest total score in competition with the other teams in the class.

Either way, playing Spellwiz, the crossword game for two players, is an enjoyable educational experience that kids will look forward to and have fun playing on a regular scheduled basis in school.

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Download, print, pass out and play!

Folks who like Scrabble LOVE Spellwiz!

Print up to 30 e-books with one e-book file!

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Spellwiz + Dictionary = A FUN Learning Experience.

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