How to draw and shade life-like portraits from photos of anyone you know. Family, friends, even potential customers who would like a hand drawn portrait of themselves or a loved one (created by you!) and who are willing to pay good money for the service!

With the GusGraphics Method, you will master the art of pencil portraiture from photos within weeks. Not months. Not years.

My teaching technique is based on the time honored methods of the European Masters who developed their skills during the Renaissance.

You will be introduced to this approach in your very first lesson package and you will be delighted to realize that this method ... the method of the Masters ... will serve you in good stead for the rest of your artistic career.

You will learn ...

The GusGraphics Method for making beautiful acrylic and water color paintings. Unless you are already an accomplished draftsman, I recommend taking my drawing course first. Each painting student will be evaluated before beginning the program to determine if the method is right for them and if they are right for the program.

You will learn ...

How to think creatively and out of the box. You will be motivated, encouraged and stimulated to find inner resources that you might not have even been aware of. Art is a key! As a personal mentor, I will show you ways to master your potential and grow, not only as a skilled illustrator, but also as an individual. Everyone benefits, the elderly and youngsters alike.

GusGraphics Method tutorials. Your Drawing Guru series of easy to follow, easy to learn pencil drawing and shading lessons.

Photos from my class at Michaels's Arts & Crafts Store in Pembroke Pines, FL. As you can see, anyone, regardless of age can master the GusGraphics Method (with personal one-on-one mentoring) for making beautiful shaded pencil drawings that are professional looking and suitable for framing..

You will learn ...

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