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SPIN Spellwiz Players International Network

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

SPIN is a new approach to enable Spellwiz enthusiasts to connect with each other via

cell phones and play the game long distance. Of course, you need to own a Spellwiz book to join. We are now affiliated with IngramSpark as our primary printer. They are the largest printing platform in the world with printing and production capabilities all over the globe. This gives us the ability to sell and ship Spellwiz games to just about anywhere on the planet.

We figured it would be great for you guys to be able to get together and play among yourselves.

How do the connections work? We're offering this service as a paid subscription plan. The cost is only $5.00 per month. For that price, you become a member and get an access password to the Members Directory. All members in the directory have an alpha-numeric code that can be seen on their Photo Gallery. The member's phone number and/or email address are only in the directory. The directory requires a password which is only available to other members for access.

But there's more! Members also receive a new set of Spellwiz games every month for a year as a download and print 8 page E-book. Big 8 1/2 X 11 sheets, scaled for your standard printer paper to be stored in a folder or binder until the time comes to play.

SPIN is an innovative venture, just getting off the ground. So, to encourage sign-ups this early in the game (no pun intended) we're offering memberships for free! Simply go to the SPIN page on this website, fill out the application, include your photo and you're in. For a full year! Access to other members and 12 issues of the Spellwiz E-books for twelve months at no cost whatever. After the first year, you will be invited to sign up for another twelve month membership/subscription at the regular price. Your choice.

Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you in the directory!

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