Draw Shaded Pictures From Photos

The GusGraphics Method for making accurate half-tone shaded works of art from reference photos has many advantages over the usual "Learn To Draw" programs.

Hello! I am a NY State Certified Vocational Commercial Art Instructor and I have been teaching painting and drawing skills for more than forty years. I am also the founder of the GusGraphics School of Art. During my many years of experience, I have developed a technique for learning to draw which I call the GusGraphics Method.

On the one hand, it is very simple. But, on the other hand, it is markedly effective! How does it work? Students are instructed to trace and transfer complex reference photos onto blank pages in their sketch pads. The trace and transfer technique we teach is a method that has been used by commercial artists and fine artists for centuries. Further step-by-step instruction leads the student through the shading process (almost like with a coloring book) until the final work of art is complete.

The primary course consists of five drawing modules. Five carefully selected reference photos to cover different aspects of rendering textures, shapes and tonalities. Each module is scheduled for two hours on line. Ten hours for the entire course, not counting homework which varies with the abilities of the student. Of course, each student also receives one-on-one attention and dialog with the instructor.

Upon completion of the program, students will have created five well drawn half-tone shaded works of art. Also, they will have received other even more valuable benefits:

1. The standards for their personal level of craftsmanship in making art will have sky rocketed to new heights.

2. Their "artist's eye" for discerning detail, subtleties in tonality and shapes will develop dramatically.

3. Their hand/eye coordination will become far more adept.

4. Their self confidence as artists will have a lasting beneficial impact on future development.

5. The Certificate of Completion at the end of the course will be a lasting testimonial to their ability for achievement.

Here is the line up of current learning modules in the GusGraphics Method, "Draw Shaded Pictures From Photos":

Parents who are reviewing this blog may be interested to know that I have been teaching students of all ages, but, my specialty has been teaching youngsters. For a while, I even had a Saturday morning TV show called, "Cartoonist's Corner" broadcast out of Channel 6 in Middletown, NY. Youngsters relate well with cartoons! That's why these learning modules incorporate a caricature/cartoon version of me as an "explainer" graphic.

It makes the learning process more fun ... not only for the kids in my classes, but, for me as well. The learning experience includes having my students send me email copies of their finished art for every module. The copies are critiqued with constructional comments and positive encouraging notes. Many times in the form of my cartoon stand-in with comic word balloons. Better retentive value and ... just for the fun of it.

In closing, let me say, "Thanks for your interest in Drawing Shaded Pictures From Photos" and ... looking forward to seeing you in my online classes!

Gus St. Anthony


10763 Lisbon Street

Hollywood, FL 33026


Phone: 754-244-2272

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