Inspirational Artworks

As you can see by checking out my Home Page, I have been a commercial artist/cartoonist for a long time. More than fifty years. But, I have also done many spirit filled works over the years and now ... at the closing days of my art career ... I fell moved to concentrate on that side of my artistic interests.

A few years ago, I drew a portrait of Jesus ..."Jesus of Nazareth" ... which is now framed and hangs above the computer desk in my studio.

It has had a profound effect no me.

I felt a strong desire to share it. To share the message it imparts to the viewer.

At first, I published and marketed a how to draw booklet featuring the drawing.

Then, I began a drawing course at a local Michael's Arts & Crafts Store. I taught others ... adults and children to draw this face.

Now, I am sharing it on a far wider scale through my "Together with Jesus" series of digital devotional inspirational artworks.

We shall see where that leads.


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Phone: 754-244-2272

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